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Established in Malaysia and supplies both ready stock and custom-made door gifts, premium gifts and corporate gifts. Our broad range of gifts offers you variety of gift ideas for corporate events, product launching, store merchandise, special VIP meetings, dinners & parties, team-building events and so on so forth.

“How different are you compared to other companies?”, you may ask.

Well, ODPREMIUM has skilled resources whom we will discuss every “how and when” before we start a customer’s job eg. screen printing or pad printing, laser engraving or etching, full colored heat transfer images, embroidery, custom-made tags and even debossing on leathers or PU leathers.

ODPREMIUM take great pride in bringing you the quality products. Did I mention we make deliveries to your door-step? We are still learning everyday and thanks to our customers, we have gained much of experiences to serve them and you even better. So, make your enquiry via enquiry@odpremium.com OR even better, why not just call us at +6013-2261261 to get our best offer now.

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Offering You The Best Deals

Here at ODPREMIUM, we like to assure our customers that they would happily walk away with what we produce for them. That is how we like to keep our relationship with them. When you make an enquiry with us, our probing system helps making a quicker decision on what is suitable for you. We will advise you on your product selection as well as on the add-on services that you require.

The product that you choose as a gift is a sign of your generosity in advertising your company and services. We have special services to fabricate depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Our add-on services ranges from Screen Printing, Laser Services, UV Printing, 3D Printing, Heat Transfers & Enbroideries. We will advise you on what kind of add-on services that best suit your choice of product. After all, it is the most important part of the whole process preparing your gift.

Finally, packaging is another area we are good at because people just love to “judge the book by its’ cover”.

All products are quality checked before proceeding to add-on services and checked again after. We do not sell you inferior quality and we do not compromise on product specifications. ODPREMIUM spends a lot of money and time in getting samples and testing them out real thorough. It is better than we spend countless monies on rejects and losing you.

For more information, please do spend some time visiting www.odpremium.com and start dropping us your enquiry soon. Many thanks & see you at the greener side.

Your Business Is Our Business

ODPREMIUM welcomes all agents out there, we have a good profit structure for you. Send us your enquiry to Odpremium and let’s talk.

We do not restrict our business to certain clients. We take small orders for weddings, birthdays, festive parties and the list goes on. Yes, we even take 1 piece order but be prepared to pay the price. What concerns most Odpremium is to have the customers satisfied when dealing with us.

In our business deliverying the products to you safe and on time is crucial. Products offered by ODPREMIUM are carefully considered, so that the end result can be materialized. We have very good commitments from all our vendors. Thus, having you repeat your orders with us is important to us.

Thank you, in advance.

Add-On Services Policy

We provide Add-On Services such as Digital Printing, Laser Engraving, Silkscreen, Pad Printing, Moulding and Embroidery. Add-On Services subject to shapes and surfaces of your product choice. ODPREMIUM reserves all right not to proceed if you are not providing (in our opinion) the required design material criteria. Therefore, please take 5 minutes to read further.


  • All design materials are preferred in Adobe Illustrator (AI) -300 DPI and email to odpremium@gmail.com
  • Providing Text outline is extremely important as the font will be lost or substitute with other font type if outline is not made.
  • Exact pantone code shall be required to ensure the outcome colour is similar to your design material.

Important Notes:

The logo taken/copied from websites will not do the job. Providing the accurate size of design material shall be your responsibility. Proceeding wrong design material or information can result in delays and additional charges when we have to covert the file for you before printing your corporate gifts.

As you get into the world of digital artwork, you’ll need to know the difference between vector and raster files. Vector artwork is easily scaled up and down without loss of quality, while raster artwork quickly gets “blocky” and jagged as it’s enlarged. Raster file formats like JPEG and GIF are standard on the Web, but usually NOT ADVISABLE for imprinting.

We may ask for RGB, CMYK, or PANTONE colour, depending on the type of printing your project calls for. And the images will need to have an adequate resolution. Most web images have a resolution of only 72 DPI (dots per inch), but imprinting promo items works best with 300 DPI or higher.

We strongly recommend that your artwork should be prepared by qualified professionals using proper graphics software. Preferably, files should be converted to curve (select all words + ctrl Q) and saved in .ai format.

All artwork submitted by you must be email to us as evidence of approval and Filenames MUST BE ADDED with “-Rev1, Rev2, Rev3……….” in the event you have revised artwork. All instructions given by you through emails must be clear to us.

ODPREMIUM will not be responsible for any delays caused or additional cost incurred from revisions on artwork or instructions from you.

Should you have further queries pertaining to the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be glad to help you.

Your Trusted Supplier for Great Choices of Gifts

So, are you ready to be “WOW”?

Be it PREMIUM, CORPORATE or DOOR Gifts, ODPREMIUM have great “WOW” factors to offer you the best deal.

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