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Here at ODpremium, we like to assure our customers that they would happily walk away with what we produce for them.

That is how we like to keep our relationship with them. When you make an enquiry with us, our probing system helps making a quicker decision on what is suitable for you. We will advise you on your product selection as well as on the add-on services that you require.

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Making your event a memorable one with ODpremium.

We like to thank all the people who have lend us a hand in our business. It’s the people that brings lives to their businesses so that it will flourish well.

We should not be despair with the downturn, instead we should strive harder and believing in what we can do better. It has been a great plasure to see customers happy with what we had produced for them.


Simple, smart yet fashionable apparels to suit a contemporary lifestyle – from corporate world to event activities and casual wear.

Quality Environmentally Friendly Dyes

Keen to develop health, safety and environmental standards in fabric dyeing process to reduce negative impacts to our environment. Products are dyed in the most environmentally friendly way, without using chemical dyes and healthier to the consumers. It does not irritate the skin and causing skin sensitivity issues, to give consumers the best wearing experience.

Product Range

  • Quick Dry, Cotton Interlock
  • Horizon, Honey Comb
  • 100% Cotton
  • Muslimah
  • F1 Uniform | Simple Jersey
  • Executive | CEO Jacket
  • Reversible Windbreaker
  • Pants
  • Sweatshirt & Vest
  • Jacket, Overall
  • Caps, Fisherman Hat
  • Towels & many more

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